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ELFE is the only world flashlight, powered by free environmental energy.

ELFE is equipped with powerful 3W diode, providing steady light flow of 120 lm.
The major difference of ELFE is that it has no batteries in the usual sense. ELFE is operated on the environmental energy, derived from the magnet field of Earth.

Principle of operation

Optimal time-of-use is 2-3 hours per day. Such operation conditions allow accumulator to obtain sufficient charge for the next day and emit maximum light flow. In case of emergency, you can use ELFE uninterruptedly for up to 12 hours, but please, be advised, that light intensity will be declining in time, and accumulator will require longer timeframe of up to 2 weeks to recover its energy level to full. If you will use ELFE continuously for several successive days, such operating conditions can cause critical and irrevocable consequences for accumulator, leading to inability of being charged at all.


  • Power Source: ADGEX Accumulator, converting energy of magnet field of Earth, solar waves, industrial and natural electromagnet disturbances.
  • LED: 3 Watts
  • Dimensions: 55mm (head diameter) / 21 mm (body diameter) / 210 mm (length)
  • Weight: 240 g.
  • Flashlight body is made of aluminium alloy
  • Shock resistance: up to 1.5 meters dropping shock resistance
  • IP64 protection rating (Protected from total dust ingress and water spray from any direction)

Characteristics of luminous flux


Do not look into the lamp when it is on as this could cause eye damage. Not suitable for children under the age of 5 years.

Light Output

Water & Dust protection

Shock resistance

L210 X Dmax 55 X Dmin 21 mm


Warranty period is 2 years. Service life is not less than 5 years.

Designed in Australia

Be nice to the environment - buy an ELFE.

For decades the world’s population has been churning through uncountable numbers of batteries to power our small devices. These batteries may be made of toxic substances such as Nickel, Cadmium & Mercury which can be toxic to humans and our environment. Those chemicals can cause soil & water pollution and endanger wildlife. They can seep from landfill into waterways causing bio accumulation in fish reducing their numbers and making them unfit for human consumption. Think about the number of batteries that the world’s population pumps into landfill each year; batteries from flashlights, games, mobile phones, the toxic repercussions could be devastating. This environmental abuse has to end!

Rechargeable batteries were certainly a step in the right direction. This invention was great at reducing the percentage of batteries going into our environment, but these items were still dependent on the big polluting power stations to recharge them. Imagine if your small appliance only had one battery, or in ELFEs case, one ‘Adgex Accumulator’. One product, one internal power converter, and the use of the earths energy. That is the power, and the hope, that ELFE gives us. In purchasing ELFE you are funding the research of more innovative energy technologies that can change the world. Do your part, buy an ELFE today, and then buy another for your friends! Welcome to the Green Team. We are here to change our footprint on the earth, and maybe even dance a little.

Did we mention big polluting power stations. I wonder what our scientists can do about that . . . Hmmm, have you heard of greenBLAZE

Become a fan of our Green Team.

ADGEX fuelling the clean energy revolution

It is widely known that we live in a world saturated by electro-magnetic emissions. Most, however, don’t grasp the pure volume of power that our planet and its sun provide. The Earth's magnetic field for example, emits power estimated at around 2,6992139х1024 watts. When compared to the meagre 5x1012 watts generated by all the power stations on Earth, the magnitude of the Earths power becomes apparent.

To understand this energy, we must follow the flow of the electron neutrino which pierces the Earth's atmosphere in all directions. The initial source of atmospheric electricity originates from local currents and is counter acted by dynamic charges within clouds. The resulting lightning strikes pump energy into the earth-atmosphere cavity, and cause it to vibrate or resinate at extremely low frequencies; an effect called the Schumann resonance. These ultra-low frequency electro-magnetic oscillations come laden with reactive energy and travel around the Earth at the speed of light. The oscillations don’t fade, have fixed frequencies, and can provide an endless supply of energy to anyone who knows how to convert it.

The Adgex Accumulator has been designed by ADGEX ENERGY to convert the Earths energy. This technology has been successfully piloted in ELFE, the world’s first ‘Dissipated-Energy’ flashlight, and it has shone light on a world of ‘Dissipated-Energy’ possibilities. The team at ADGEX ENERGY look forward to creating more innovative products across a diverse range of applications, as we add fuel to the clean energy revolution.

Tachyon PowerBank

Adgex is proud to announce that our next product will be the Tachyon Powerbank. The Tachyon is another world first with unrivaled technology that will sweep the world by storm. In a world where mobile phones run out at the most inoportune times, PowerBanks have become a must have item. The problem however is that they take hours to charge themselves, they take hours to recharge your phone, but they couldn't recharge your laptop. This is where the 'Tachyon' takes control. The Tachyon can fully charge itself in just 30 seconds, can charge your phone in a fraction of the time and like not other PowerBank, can actually charge your Laptop on the road. Sound incredible? It is! Join the clean energy revolution today by buying an ELFE and you will recieve a 20% discount off the first release of our Tachyon PowerBank.

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