Join the Green Team!

John Reidy

Welcome to the Green Team!

I look forward to meeting each of you as we develop a team of eco champions. ELFE is the first step in an exciting journey. Join us today and focus on the challenge ahead – it’s worth it!

John Reidy, International Product Manager, ADGEX Limited

The Adgex GREEN TEAM is a group of caring people passionate about reversing the legacy we are currently have planned for our children and grandchildren.  Anyone can be on our ‘Green Team’.


Be a passive supporter simply by becoming a fan of our Facebook page and like / share / comment on our updates as they are posted (


Be a proud supporter by buying an ELFE and a Green Team T-shirt & Cap.  The original ELFE will be made in limited numbers.  Those who possess him will stand proud as founding supporters of the Green Team.


Start your business experience now by signing up as one of our ‘Youth Marketers’.  Create your own advertisements, videos, posters, paintings and more.  Not only will you get great experience as a junior marketer but you could also get paid with cash or even Adgex shares.


Do you have a significant social media following?  Are you passionate about innovative green technologies?  Just like the youth advocates mentioned above, or just like the resellers below, you too could earn extra cash or shares simply by become an active social marketer.


If you have a business with an extensive network you could do well to sign up as an Adgex Reseller.  There are no upfront fees and there is no need to purchase products.  You simply promote our products with your own reseller code for sales online and receive 10% of all your referred sales paid weekly.

Interested in knowing more?

Check the videos below and follow our Green Team fan page for updates, competitions and prizes.