ADGEX Limited offers to launch a turnkey high-effective solution on conversion of any carbonaceous materials and wastes on the basis of mobile and self-contained complex greenBLAZE.

We provide tailored approach to all our Customers, and fully customizable configuration of the processor allows us to design, manufacture and deliver certificated greenBLAZE complex of any capacity to the site of deployment during 9 months. Commissioning of the complex, warranty and post-warranty maintenance are also performed by our team at the highest level. Our greenBLAZE processor will solve all your problems and provide with heat, electricity and synthetic liquid fuel of a highest grade (non-freezing super-diesel of «ARCTIC» standard) or petroleum with octane number of up to 98.

Materials to be treated

Industrial and municipal wastes

Rubber and plastic wastes

Forestry wastes

Agriculture wastes

Animal wastes

Oil sludge

Wastewater treatment

Our processor doesn't require preliminary waste separation.
The only thing it needs is having feedstock pre-shredded into smaller parts of 40x40cm.

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Advantages and capacity of greenBLAZE

greenBLAZE processor is a mobile complex of modular implementation with a short deployment and commissioning time. It can be mounted on a railway and any vehicle platform, creating movable and truly mobile complex, which can be promptly transported to the sites of waste accumulation or places of its conversion.

greenBLAZE processor is completely automated and self-sufficient complex. No need to connect it do to any infrastructure, because all resources necessary for uninterrupted exploitation are produced by the processor itself during the operation process. Guaranteed operational safety is secured by just 1 operator and 1 non-qualified employee, who is responsible for loading of a feedstock into the processor (per shift).

greenBLAZE processors are offered in two configurations, based on their capacity:

  • production capacity of up to 50 litres of synthetic liquid fuel per 1 hour
  • production capacity of up to 200 litres of synthetic liquid fuel per 1 hour

Green Energy

Green means «ecologically responsible», because greenBLAZE has near-to-zero harmful emissions. This has become viable since our processor operates on the innovative method of high-temperature vacuum destruction. In our greenBLAZE complexes combustion process is absent at all. It means that highly toxic furans and dioxins are simply not generated during the operation process, therefore there is no harm to environment. Having ordered greenBLAZE processor, you can say with conviction that you keep our Planet green for your kids and all future generations, preserving it pristine and providing biological balance of nature!


Technology of high-temperature vacuum destruction is resource-saving technology of a deep conversion of renewable and natural carbon-containing raw material and wastes.


Warranty is 3 years in case of compulsory annual technical maintenance.


Your investments into «green energy carriers» are to be repaid by means of energy market, selling of a heat and fuel. You can effectively and swiftly solve all your problems with internal heat, electricity and fuel supply. Short payback period is provided by dint of low specific capital investments per 1 kW of power (can be compared to expenses for cheap atomic power engineering), mobility of any capacity for your needs with complete treatment of any carbonaceous feedstock with minimum expenditures for the processor servicing. Today there are no any analogues of greenBLAZE complex in the world!

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